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Instructions and Information

  1. The following information is required:
    1. “Manufacturer” – State the Name of the Maker 
    2. “Caliber” – State the caliber if the Weapon is a Firearm (required only for weapon)
    3. “Type” – State the Nature of the Property
    4. “Description” – State Descriptive Details (Such as Color, Size, Model, Quantity, (Blade Length of Weapon), Etc.)
    5. “Serial No.” – Must Match Number on the Property
  2. By signing this request, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to:
    1. Contact the DCSO within 30 days of the date this request for confirmation that the DCSO will release the property(s) to you and to schedule an appointment for the release which must be within 90 days of this request. 
    2. Go to the DCSO at the appointed date and time to obtain the property. If unable to keep that appointment, you must notify the DCSO in advance for a new appointment. If you fail to keep the original or any rescheduled appointment, the DCSO may dispose of the property without further notice to you at the end of the 90 days period.
    3. Provide the DCSO the required and legally acceptable documented proof of ownership such as a receipt, bill of sale, registration certificate, or other.
    4. Provide to the DCSO the name of another person to whom you have transferred ownership if you are legally restricted from possessing or owning the property. That person will have to provide legally acceptable proof of ownership in order to receive the property.
    5. Give written notice to the DCSO of any change in your telephone number(s) or address(es).
    6. Show to the DCSO an official picture identification card, such as a current driver’s license or passport.
    7. Make special arrangements with the DCSO in advance for another person to pick up the released property if you are unable to do so personally. Those arrangements must be approved by the DCSO and include adequate and acceptable information and documentation.


If property is a weapon:

You are restricted from possessing or owning a dangerous weapon (defined by statute as a firearm or other weapons capable of causing death or serious bodily injury) if you are a “restricted person” under Section 76- 10-503, Utah Code. (Read that statute online at https://le.utah.gov/xcode/Title76/Chapter10/76-10-S503.html or at any public library)

76-10-525 Disposition of Weapons after Use for Court Purposes:
All police departments and/or sheriff’s departments which have in their possession a weapon after it has been used for court purposes shall determine the true owner of the weapon and return it to him; however, if unable to determine the true owner of the weapon, or if the true owner is the person committing the crime for which the weapon was used as evidence, the department shall confiscate it and it shall revert to that agency for their use and/or disposal as the head of the department determines.

Request for Release of Property

Enter Driver License or State ID

I hereby request the Davis County Sheriff’s Office (“DCSO”) to release to me the following property currently in the custody of the DCSO:

Property Type

Fill out if requested property is a weapon

  1. I am the true owner of the listed property.
  2. There is no lawful reason why the property should not be released to me.
  3. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to provide legally acceptable documentation as evidence of my ownership to the DCSO as a condition of the release of the property to me. Such documentation shall consist of a receipt, title, bill of sale, or other paper which clearly and adequately describes the property and my ownership.
  4. I understand and agree that I must provide the required evidence of ownership to the DCSO and pick up the property(s) from the DCSO. If I fail to do so, for whatever reason, within 90 days of the date of this request, the DCSO may at its discretion dispose of the property by destruction or other lawful means without further notice to me.
  5. I have read and understand the 'Instructions and Information' section on this page.
Read the statements above

Personal Information


By typing my name in the provided space, I verify that the above statements and information are true and correct:

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