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Transportation & Utilities

Below are transportation options in Davis County as well as utilities offered dependent upon the city and area you reside in.

Bus Transportation

In Utah, UTA is responsible for bus transportation, as well as rail and light rail. Click the Trip Planner tab for bus route plans based on a starting and ending destination.  UTA has made a great investment along the Wasatch Front with the  Trax system. Trax is a light rail system providing service North and South from Draper to Salt Lake City and the University of Utah.  In 2011 - 2012, they will open an East and West corridor to the airport and other cities.  They also provide a rail service from Salt Lake, through Davis County to Weber County.  Davis County has three stops with one more programmed to be completed in the next two years.  Full bus service is provided throughout Davis county to include para-transit services.

Air Transportation

Located to the south of Davis County, in Salt Lake County, is the Salt Lake International Airport. From the Davis Chamber of Commerce to the Salt Lake International Airport, Google estimates the time to be 31 minutes. For more information, click Salt Lake International Airport. Delta Airlines has a major hub in Salt Lake City.  For a list of other airlines that service Salt Lake International Airport, go to airline links.


The major north-south US Interstate in Utah and for Davis County is I-15.  For a live map of traffic flow, accidents, slow downs, see Utah Department of Transportation  CommuterLink. The only other US Interstate is I-84, which skirts along the northern border of South Weber City.  The major East West corridor is Hwy 193 which links I-84 to I-15 and eventually the North Davis Corridor.  Transportation is a huge issue for businesses and Davis County has worked hard to ensure adequate routes are maintained, upgraded and traffic flow patterns at a minimum.

Natural Gas

Questar Gas

Utah has the lowest Gas Rates in the United States which makes it so attractive to locate a business here.  As of August 2010, the gas bill for a 82 Dth/year residential bill is approximately $60 per month, this is the lowest in the continental United States.  The provider of natural gas in Davis County is  Questar Gas.  Davis County is fortunate to have two main underground natural gas transmission lines running North and South through the county.  Both transmission lines are owned and operated by separate companies.  This allows for a reducing station to be located on the main line and provide natural gas to the end user.  For further information contact Questar Gas call toll-free 800-323-5517.


 For phone service, prices vary by retailer. Some of the popular land line phone services are CenturyLink (formerly Qwest)  and  Comcast. A basic residential land line can be had for roughly $25 per month, of course features and bundle pricing can influence the pricing.

In this day and age bandwidth has become a real issue for some businesses.  As information is sent and received faster and faster, Davis County has kept pace with technology.  CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) phone service can provide the traditional T1, T3 dedicated lines.   Xfinity/Comcast can provide service over cable.  Dish offers satellite television service. Utopia provides fiber optic to your door.  It is only available in certain areas of Davis County. Their main backbone runs North and South along Interstate 15.  Based on the size and need of your company, they can provide up to a two pair optic line.  For more information about areas of service or rates, contact Utopia at 801-613-3800.


Rocky Mountain Power

Utah is ranked third in the nation for the lowest electric rates.  Rocky Mountain Power is the main supplier for Utah.  They use multiple transmission lines with multiple sources to provide power.  Sources include hydro, wind, gas and coal generation.  As of Oct 2010 the average cents per Kilowatt Hour for industrial is 5.3 and residential is 8.51.  As of February 2010, the electric bill for a 700kWh/month residential use is approximately $62.74 per month.  

Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) 

While most power in Davis County is received through Rocky Mountain Power, two cities, Bountiful and Kaysville provide their own municipal services. Their rates are a little cheaper for residential and comparable for industrial to Rocky Mountain Power. 

For Rocky Mountain Power residential customer service, call toll free 1-888-221-7070. For business customer service call toll free 1-866-870-3419.  For Bountiful Power or Kaysville Power, call the respective cities at 801-298-1110 or 801-546-1235.

Water, Sewer, Refuse



Water is provided and maintained by each city.  The city negotiates water rates for blocks of water from the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District.  Each has secured water for existing homes and businesses with the ability to obtain more water in the future as demand requires it.  The city is responsible for treatment and delivery of the water.  Rates do vary by city.  

Sewer is provided by either North Davis Sewer District or South Davis Sewer District.  Depending on your location, one or the other will provide services.  Both systems have excess capacity to grow into the future before an upgrade is needed.  

Refuse is negotiated through the city with numerous providers so the costs can be kept low.  The city sends one bill out with all services broken down.  To give an example of water, sewer, and refuse fees in Davis County, the fees for the most populous city in Davis County, Layton, will be given - (in Layton, fees are charged every 2 months, so the figures are every 2 month fees): Water - $21.10, Sewer - $27.90, Garbage - $20.20, Storm Drainage - $9.20. This makes a monthly bill around $39.20 for all services.