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Homeownership Assistance funds are available on a first-come, first-qualified basis.

Homeownership Assistance

Home prices in the last several years have dramatically appreciated across the state. Davis County recognizes this unprecedented challenge to homeownership and has created a homeownership assistance program to assist low/moderate income families purchase a home that they may otherwise never be able to afford. In fall 2023, income qualified individuals and families looking to purchase a home in Davis County may apply for a homeownership assistance loan up to $50,000. This homeownership assistance loan can be used for any combination of principal reduction, permanent interest rate buy down (up to $10,000), and/or up to 50% of the required down payment and closing costs. These homeownership assistance loans have no payments and are repaid to the County (plus 1% interest) when the home is sold or refinanced for an ineligible reason.

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Program guidelines for the homeownership program are linked below. Please review the guidelines closely to ensure you qualify and understand all parameters of the program. Applications are on a first come, first qualified basis and will be submitted through a new online platform called Neighborly. A link to the application portal is below. Once the program is live, applicants will create an account on Neighborly and select “Davis Homeownership Program” to start their application.


Davis County Homeownership Program Policies and Procedures

Neighborly Application Portal

2024 Income Qualification Thresholds


Household Size Maximum Yearly Household Income
1 Person$61,850
2 Persons$70,650
3 Persons$79,500
4 Persons$88,300
5 Persons$95,400
6 Persons$102,450
7 Persons$109,500
8 Persons$116,600


Davis County works diligently to affirmatively further fair housing.  The County is committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws.  The County will not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, or any other specific classes protected by applicable laws. 

Our Neighborly Application portal is available in English, Spanish and French.  You can change the language by selecting the person icon in the upper right corner after you login and then changing your preferred language.  Any individual needing special accommodations in completing a homeownership assistance application should contact us at 801-451-3251.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Davis Homeownership Assistance program is a loan that carries a 1% interest rate and no monthly payments.

Yes, when combining our program with the state's assistance home buyers can receive up to $70,000 towards the purchase of a home in Davis County.

Davis County does not require lenders to go through an approval process in conjunction with our program.

No, the loan and all accrued interest becomes due when the home is sold, or when refinanced for an ineligible reason.

Any rate and term refinance that does not reduce the monthly mortgage payment/interest rate, and any cash out refinance that is not expressly for approved home repairs.

No, the program is open to home buyers who are income qualified and meet certain debt restrictions as outlined in our policies and procedures.

Davis County will not pull credit for home buyers applying for assistance.

When applying you will need to have a fully executed real estate purchase contract (REPC) and a pre-approval letter from a reputable lender. Assistance is administered on a first come, first qualified basis.

The loan amount is based on what it will take to get the homebuyer to a front-end debt-to-income (DTI) ratio of 35%. For example, if the homebuyer’s full mortgage payment (PITI) will put their front-end DTI at 40%, our assistance will be an amount up to $50,000 that will get their mortgage payment to 35%. This could be a combination of interest rate buy down (up to $10,000), 50% of the required down payment and/or principal reduction.

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Questions about the Davis County Homeownership Assistance program can be directed to:

Davis County Community & Economic Development
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801-451-3251 (hotline)