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Economic Snapshot

Take a look into the Davis County Community.

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Incentives & Resources

There are many resources within the county and state to better serve your business.

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Economic Development Strategic Plan

View the Economic Development Strategic Plan.

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The Davis County Government is governed by ten elected officials.

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Sites & Facilities

View land or building sites available in Davis County.

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Council of Governments (COG)

These individuals meet together to talk about current and future issues and plans for our community.

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Through our business retention and expansion program we have identified numerous businesses who need to expand to keep up with market demand. Our main goal is to see them grow in Davis County. In terms of business recruitment, we have spent the last few years working closely with our cities and developers to create strategic sites for retail, commercial, professional office, and industrial development throughout the County. We welcome all businesses to Davis County, but are primarily focused on key industries including aerospace, manufacturing, composites, distribution, financial services, medical technology, IT and digital media industries.

Working in conjunction with Davis County cities, we have helped overlay incentives on the majority of the land sites in the County. We also work hand in hand with the State of Utah, Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, Northern Utah Economic Alliance, and the Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah). EDCUtah serves as the marketing arm for the state to streamline business development processes and coordination of all other needed entities. These relationships create a seamless transition for a prospective company and a one stop shop for information and direction.

Davis County is open for business

Services we Provide


​Business Recruitment

● Land Site Development
● Liaison with Workforce Development to help find qualified employees
● Incentives from State, County and City
● Provide demographics and statistics on the cities and county
● Liaison with local colleges & technical schools to secure training funds & a qualified employment


​Business Retention and Expansion

● Person to person business visits
● Work with local financial institutions to provide funding for expansion and job creation
● Administer a Business Development Loan fund to help bridge loans or fund someone who might
not be bankable
● Help businesses expand within Davis County

​Promote Entrepreneurial Business Development Business

● Mentor and provide services to entrepreneurial businesses
● Work with Northfront Business Resource Center


Davis County Economic Development is a one stop shop dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Davis County.

Vision and Values



Countywide Economic Development Planning - We believe that countywide proactive planning is critical to guide our future economic development. We design our plans to anticipate change, overcome obstacles, and seize economic opportunities.

Unity and Action - We are united throughout the County to a common vision of our economic future which supports the uniqueness of our various cities.

Impact and Influence - We strive to influence city and county economic development decisions, as well as regional and state economic and educational policies and programs with our vision and plans. Robust Employment Opportunities - We seek to increase family-sustaining employment opportunities for our residents and those who commute into our County.

Expanding Economic Growth - We seek to develop and expand our economic base by attracting targeted businesses and industries that conform with our community values; by expanding our current employers, expanding supply chain management, and by creating high-growth start-up businesses. 

Quality of Life - We believe that our quality of life contributes directly to economic development by  ensuring that within our County there is affordable housing, excellent education, quality health care, improving systems of transportation, broadly accessible internet services, preserved open space and recreational and cultural opportunities

2021-2022 Economic Snapshot

The Davis County Economic Snapshot provides an overview of everything that makes Davis County great for businesses. The Snapshot includes the most current demographic data, educational attainment and statistics, employer data, population growth, wage growth, location quotients and other important data including why this is a great place to live. The snapshot includes all the data and information that businesses often consider when deciding to make Davis County their home.

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Economic Development Strategic Plan



Vision & Values

Connects. You. is more than a value proposition statement for Davis County, it is the way we do business.  ‘You’ refers to you as a person, a family, a business, a municipality, or a region along the Wasatch Front—Davis County stands ready to Connects. Connects. You.

Our commitment to facilitating needed connections sets us apart
Davis County Community and Economic Development Office connects you to shovel ready and established  land sites, a well-educated labor force, established businesses and supply chains, an educational foundation boasting some of the highest test scores and graduation rates for high school and top-rated technology and university programs. Davis County connects you to the Salt Lake International Airport, the main arterial transportation - Interstate 15, Interstate 84, Highway 89, and the brand new West Davis Corridor that provides a new critical artery for more accessible development in western Davis County. With over 3,000 acres of developable land overlaid with opportunities and incentives, Davis County is ready to connect you to what you need. 

The Davis County Community and Economic Development Vision and Values is a living, breathing strategy.  It was originally conceived and designed in 2008 to signify commitment and a dedicated focus on Economic Development. Regional stakeholders and business leaders in Davis County participated in a series of dynamic meetings to establish a strategic economic development plan.  More than 65 county participants from small and large business, education, Chamber of Commerce, state, county, and local elected officials and others came together.  The result was an actionable plan based around six key areas of focus.  

The Davis County Community and Economic Development Strategic Plan continues to guide our actions; it is reviewed monthly and updated annually.  We are committed to the following five goals: 

  • Continue with recovery and position Davis County to be more resilient to future major economic disruptions
  • Position Davis County to compete with any county in the nation for high-quality investment and jobs
  • Cultivate a strong, innovative, and prosperous foundation of existing businesses in Davis County
  • Engage in comprehensive marketing campaigns to raise awareness of Davis County’s advantages and successes
  • Commit resources and time with economic development stakeholders to support workforce development, entrepreneurship, housing issues, economic equity in the county, innovation, community development, infrastructure, and public policy
Davis County Economic Development Strategic Plan


The Davis Loan Fund for Economic Development is a small business loan program designed to create jobs and help grow the Davis County economy by providing financing options to viable but non-traditional businesses.




Services provided by the county include; property tax assessment and collecting, auditing, budgeting/finance, elections, marriage licenses, passports, real estate records, criminal justice services, ordinance enactment and enforcement. Additional services include; libraries, heath and human services, public golf courses, tourism and travel facilities, correctional facilities, Emergency 911, sheriff services, animal control, vehicle inspection and maintenance, environmental health, health education and promotion, public works and flood control. In the unincorporated areas of the county services include; road construction and maintenance, building inspection, and business licenses.

The Davis County Government is governed by ten elected officials.  The following elected officials serve under a four-year term:

  • County Board of Commissioners are: 
    Lorene Miner Kamalu, Bob Stevenson, Randy B. Elliot
  • Attorney - Troy S. Rawlings
  • Clerk - Brian McKenzie,
  • Auditor - Curtis Koch
  • Sheriff - Kelly Sparks
  • Assessor - Andy Hansen
  • Recorder - Richard T. Maughan
  • Surveyor - Max E. Elliot
  • Treasurer -  Mark Altom

Cities of Davis County

In all, there are 15 cities that make up Davis County.  Whether they are small or large it takes all of them to be successful.  Davis County has a great working relationship with all the cities administration, mayor’s and councils.  We work hand in hand to retain, expand and recruit businesses to our area.  All the cities have taken the slowdown in the economy as time to review building and zoning ordinances, general plans and business park plats.  This has prepared everyone for a fast track to future growth and development.  Davis County is where you will find connections.

City List

Davis COG Council of Governments

Davis COG includes all of the mayors in the county as well as the HAFB Commander, a Davis County School Board member, and a Chamber of Commerce Member.

These individuals meet together on the third Wednesday of every month to talk about current and future issues and plans for our community. They also focus on the allocation of transportation funds for the county.

Present To COG

Do you have something you would like to present to the COG Board? Contact us to discuss this possibility.

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COG Board

The COG Board includes the county's 15 mayors as well as the Davis Chamber President, a member from the school district and the HAFB Colonel.

Meet the Board


State of Utah

utah seal

The State of Utah has the 2nd highest population growth rate, the highest fertility rate, the 3rd highest life expectancy, the lowest median age, and the highest household size in the United States. In addition, Utah has the 7th lowest poverty rate, the 7th highest state with high school degrees, and the 17th highest percentage of citizens with bachelor's degrees in the US. The unemployment rate in Utah is the 14th lowest and the median household income is 10th in the nation.

U.S. News and World Report Rankings

For a list of agency links, see the State of Utah Agencies List. For people new to the state of Utah, see the Newcomers Guide, which is a list of useful links for newcomers of the state. To see tourism links see the State of Utah's Travel & Tourism landing page. For business links see Starting a Business, Relocating a Business, Running a Business, and Business Resource Centers at www.utah.gov.


The State Income Tax Rate is 4.65%.  The State of Utah, Counties and Cities all pride themselves on having one of the lowest tax structures in the United States.  The tax structure splits sales tax, personal and real property taxes between all taxing entities.  In some communities there are special service districts and Recreation/Arts/Parks/Zoo taxes.  These are usually sales tax or special levies for a given area.  As a whole, Davis County is a little lower in local taxes than surrounding communities.  This shows a stable and fiscally responsible local government.  

Governor Herbert said it best, “Governments role is to stay off of businesses backs and out of their wallets.”  We at Davis County agree with his statement.

Sites & Facilities



Davis County works closely and communicates frequently with its 15 cities to create shovel ready land sites. Numerous sites are currently under construction and needed infrastructure development is helping these projects gain traction and start years earlier than expected. As the cities have developed land sites, business parks and mixed use areas, they have defined certain industry clusters or sectors they are targeting. These clusters or sectors include composites, aerospace, defense, pharmaceutical, information technology, digital media, manufacturing, distribution, and financial services are among the many they have identified to target.

Additionally, Davis County and Weber County have a partnership under the Northern Utah Economic Alliance (NUEA) that coordinates with existing businesses looking to expand, businesses outside of the county looking to relocate, and site selectors working with businesses around the globe. NUEA keeps an updated list of listed and unlisted commercial property in Weber and Davis County. Below is a link to their database of properties.

Listed Commercial Properties Unlisted Commercial Properties

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