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Have You Lost Your Pet?

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We understand that losing a beloved pet can be traumatic, and since we love our pets too, we work exceptionally hard to help them find their way back home. If you've lost a pet, please click on the links below to see the animals recently brought to our shelter and to fill out a lost pet form. Remember that a picture is worth a thousand words, so including a photo will significantly increase the chances of others identifying your lost pet and reuniting your family. Once the completed form is received, your pet's information and photo will be viewable on our website for 30 days, or until you tell us they've been found and returned home, safe and sound.

Have You Found A Stray Animal?

If you've found an animal, you have several options. First, click below to see the animals that are currently reported lost in Davis County and see if the animal you've found matches a photo or description. If it does, call us and we'll contact the owner to reunite their family. Next, you can click the link to fill out a Found Animal Form to let the public know you've found an animal that wants to go home. Once completed, the information will be uploaded to our website to help those looking for a lost pet, so please include a photo as this significantly increases the chances of identification. Finally, you can become a Friendly Finder by keeping the pet safe in your home while we try to find the owner. Read more about the program here and below.


Friendly Finder Program

Studies show that instead of taking a stray animal to the shelter, which can be several miles away from home, the best way to reunite lost pets with their families is to keep them in the neighborhood where they're found. Because of this, Animal Care of Davis County offers a short-term foster program for caring neighbors who've found a lost pet.

The Friendly Finders program is designed to allow individuals who've found a stray animal in their neighborhood to keep it at home while we search for its family. Friendly Finders are able to care for the pet during the required stray-wait period while Animal Care of Davis County provides medical care and all supplies the animal needs. As for benefits, since October of 2022, nearly every single pet fostered through this program has been successfully reunited with its family! Call 801-444-2200 for more information.

Friendly Finders help the animals!

  • Animals stay safe and healthy
  • Animals are less stressed in a home
  • Animals can be found more easily by families searching their neighborhood
  • Fosters can provide more information to us regarding the animals' personalities and likes/dislikes which help us to better match them with potential adopters, if necessary

Friendly Finders help the shelter!

  • You greatly increase the likelihood of the animal being reunited with its family
  • You increase our very limited space to house animals that don't have families yet
  • You receive food, toys, leashes, collars, and vaccinations while we search
  • You can take pictures and videos of the animal and we'll post them on our website

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