• 1422 East 600 North
  • Main : (801) 444-2200
  • M-F 10am to 6pm

For your convenience, we offer three ways to apply!


Click the link below to apply online. No need to leave the house!

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Mail your completed permit application at your convenience!

Permit Application

At the Shelter

1422 E 600 N
Fruit Heights, UT 84037

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  • An annual, non-refundable fee for the permit

  • Contact information for the owner of each pet

  • Identification of each pet in the household

  • Verification of spay/neuter status of each pet

  • Verification of microchip number of each pet

  • Verification of valid county license for each pet

  • If the fourth animal will be the fourth dog at the residence, a depiction of the outside area showing all fencing, kennels, and dog runs capable of confining up to four dogs

Four Dogs Green
Four Dogs Blue

Site Inspection

  • The property must have adequate fencing and/or secured in a way that animals would not be able to escape

  • The property must be orderly and free of excess feces and/or foul odors

  • Food must be stored in a safe manner preventing infestation

  • All animals on the property must be in good health and have adequate care as described in Section 6.28.010 regarding the prevention of cruelty to animals





Licensing is required by county ordinance

Review the County Code. Section 6 references most animal ordinances.

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