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 Thinking About Adopting?

Great! Let's start by getting to know a little more about you. By filling out a quick adoption application, our trained team can match you with your new companion and provide personal counseling to help you find the perfect pet. If you just can't wait and want to meet our animals right away, feel free to schedule an appointment and your survey will be included in the Online option below!

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For your convenience, we offer two ways to submit an adoption application!



Please come to the shelter to see and adopt one of our amazing animals.


Schedule an appointment to meet the animals and complete the application at the shelter! 

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How to Adopt in 5 Easy Steps!


1. Complete the adoption application - Click the link to begin the application process

2. Schedule an Appointment - Every adoption begins with your personalized counsel from our Adoptions Team. By scheduling your appointment online and completing the included survey, you will alert the team to your desire to adopt and the requirements you need in a pet. This is when our team goes to work for you!

3. Browse Available Animals - While you wait for your scheduled appointment, browse the available animals online to get an idea of who you'd like to meet first. Go ahead and pick a few since availability cannot be guaranteed. If the picture of the pet you like is displayed with a blue banner, that means the animal is here at the shelter and you can meet them in person. If they are displayed with a yellow banner, that means the animal is currently being cared for by one of our amazing foster families. If they are displayed with a gray banner, that means the animal is available as a private rehome and you can contact the current owner directly!

4. Meet and Greet - This is when it gets exciting! Arrive at the shelter at your scheduled time and meet the animals you picked. Plan on spending about an hour with us so we can make sure all of your questions are answered. During this time, our Adoptions Team will provide you with personalized counseling, including sharing all of the medical, behavioral, and breed-specific information available for each pet as well as walk you through the process of bringing your new pet home and introducing it to your family. If the animal you're interested in is with a foster family, we will have the foster parent contact you directly to schedule a time to meet that is convenient for both parties.

5. Going Home - The best part! If your new pet has already been spayed or neutered and is ready to go, we'll finalize your paperwork and payment, and you're all set to take them home! Again, don't forget to have a pet carrier or leash handy. If your new pet is still with a foster family, our Foster Coordinator will reach out after counseling to coordinate a mutually agreed upon time and place for pickup, and we ask that you take a carrier or leash to this meeting as well. Once you're home, remember that your new pet will require some time to get used to their new environment, so please reference our Bringing Home My New Pet webpage and be patient as you both adjust, and begin your exciting new adventure together!

Adoption Requirements

  • Bring a valid photo ID to your adoption appointment. We accept driver's licenses, passports, government/military IDs, and any official photo identification.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age to adopt a pet.
  • Please bring a pet carrier with you if you are adopting a cat, kitten, or small animal. If you don't have one, you can purchase a cardboard carrier for $7.
  • Out of state adoptions are allowed, however we are not responsible for transportation.
  • Residents of Davis County must ensure their current pets are up to date with their rabies vaccinations and county licenses before adopting an additional pet.
  • Residents of Davis County cannot adopt a pet if it places them over the current county-wide pet limit of three (3) total animals unless they hold an Additional Pet Permit.
  • View a sample Adoption Agreement.


Adoption Fees

Large Dog (>40lbs)
Small Dog (<40 lbs)
Puppy (<6 months)
Kitten (<6 months)
Small Animal

Exotic Animal




Animal Introductions

If you’re looking to add another dog to your family, you're welcome to bring along your current dog to your Meet and Greet, however we do ask that you bring someone with you to accompany your dog while you visit with our animals in the kennel area and complete the adoption paperwork.

Cats on the other hand take a little longer to adjust to new family members, so we don't conduct cat-dog or cat-cat visits. Ask the Adoption Team for tips and tricks on how to introduce a dog and cat, or how to add a second cat to your family.

Please Note: To prevent disease transmission and avoid additional stress for both your pet and the pets staying at our facility, family pets are not permitted in the kennel area.


Adoption Fees include:

  • Wellness examination from the Veterinary Services Team
  • All vaccines appropriate for the age and species
  • Preventative deworming
  • Spay/Neuter surgery
  • Licensing (if applicable)
  • Microchip* with National Registry
  • Pet care counseling

* Small animals, reptiles, and aquatic species will not receive a microchip

Adoption Holds

Can I place a hold on an animal I'm interested in?

Yes, Animal Care of Davis County allows potential adopters the ability to place a hold on any available animal in the shelter! For a $10 non-refundable fee, you can request a stray-wait or convenience hold (depending on the animal's status) prior to adoption:

  • Stray-wait Hold: A hold placed on an animal prior to completing their statutory stray-wait period
  • Convenience Hold: A hold placed on any adoptable animal in the shelter after the stray-wait period has expired for a maximum of 24 hours

Adoption Hold Process

How does the hold process work?

To make your adoption decision even easier, you can hold an animal prior to taking them home! Learn more about our hold process by clicking here:

Learn More


Adoption Returns

Can I return an adopted pet if it doesn’t work out?

Yes, Animal Care of Davis County allows returns for the life of the animal. While we don’t provide refunds for adopted animals, if you find that your new pet isn't the right fit for your family, you can return the animal within 30 days of the adoption date without paying a surrender fee.


Adopting a Rescue Pet

Common Issues of Concern

Learn More

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