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Davis County strongly suggests that all parties inspect the listed properties prior to bidding.

Make checks payable to the Davis County Treasurer.
Payment is due at the time of sale by cash, check, or debit card.

Instruction from the County Attorney's Office

"Once the County Auditor has closed the sale of a particular parcel of property as a result of accepting a bid on the parcel, the successful bidder or purchaser of the property may not unilaterally rescind the bid. The County legislative body, after acceptance of a bid, may enforce the terms of the bid by obtaining a legal judgment against the purchaser in the amount of the bid plus interest and attorney's fees. "Davis County's Ordinance requires "the only acceptable methods of payment to the Davis County Treasurer for properties purchased at the Annual Real Property Tax Sale shall be Cash, Certified Check, Money Order, Business or Personal Check." However, all transactions must be presented in person and concluded immediately after the close of the auction.

**Keep in mind that the auction is a "Buyer Beware" sale. If you purchase property you will later be provided with a recorded tax deed, which is similar to a quit claim deed. Accordingly, it is your obligation as the purchaser to have researched each property. We hope you have done your research before coming to the sale as all sales are final.**

Outline for Sale Procedure

  1. Properties sold during the Annual Real Property Delinquent Tax Sale shall be conveyed by Tax Deed. This form of Deed is not a Warranty Deed. The County makes no representations as to whether the property is buildable or developable, nor does the County make any representations regarding whether the property complies with applicable zoning regulations. The County does not warrant or represent any property purchased during the Annual Real Property Delinquent Tax Sale as habitable or in any particular condition. The county also makes no warranties or representations regarding the accuracy of the assessment of the property or the accuracy of the description of real estate or improvements thereon. (County Ordinance 1-2012) Access to properties on the sale is Not a guarantee.
  2. As we go through the sale, you will note that some properties may have been withdrawn from the sale. The reasons for withdrawal may be that proper notice has not been given or erroneous legal descriptions, duplicate assessments, bankruptcy, have been discovered or deferrals or settlements have been granted by the Davis County Commission, or the property tax has been paid.
  3. Some properties may be struck to the County for public purposes such as being part of a roadway, public easement, or a detention basin.
  4. As we go through the sale, it will be asked if the owner of record or someone on his or her behalf is tendering payment. In such a case, if payment is made, the property remains in the name of the owner.
  5. A Lienholder CANNOT better his or her position by purchasing at the tax sale. This includes having friends or associates buying the property and quit claiming it back to the owner. Therefore, if a lienholder, associate, or owner pays the tax at the sale it will be considered a redemption rather than a tax sale.