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Tax Sale FAQ

All properties sold during the Annual Tax Sale shall be conveyed by an Auditors' "Tax Deed" (which is similar to a quit claim deed), within thirty days after the bids are ratified by the Davis County Commission.
Registration is required and will begin 1 hour prior to the sale. Please bring a government issued form of identification.  Once completed you will be issued a bidder number that you will use for bidding during the Tax Sale.
Delinquent property may be redeemed on behalf of the record owner by any person at any time prior to the Sale. A person redeeming the delinquent property must pay to the Treasurer the total delinquent amount including taxes, interest, penalties and the administrative costs.

The successful bidder on a parcel would have to pay the full amount to the Davis County Treasurer's office by the end of the sale.

Davis County's Ordinance requires "The only acceptable methods of payment to the Davis County Treasurer for properties purchased at the Annual Real Property Tax Sale shall be in cash, business or personal check." However, all transactions must be presented in person and concluded immediately after the close of the auction.

There is no financing available through Davis County.

Any property unsold at the Annual Tax Sale which is not in the public interest to be re-certified to a subsequent sale shall become County Property. If you would like information on property owned by Davis County, please contact the Davis County Property Management department at (801) 451-3270.
Any sale funds in excess of the amount for delinquent taxes, penalty, interest, and administrative fees will be forwarded to the State Treasurer and treated as unclaimed property under Title 67.

Any property not redeemed by March 17th following the lapse of four years from the date when the property became delinquent will be included in the annual real property Tax Sale held in May.

The Tax Sale listing will be available in the Tax Administration - Clerk/Auditor Office and on the internet four weeks immediately proceeding the date of the Tax Sale and will be updated weekly.  

The Tax Sale is advertised in the Ogden Standard-Examiner and the Davis Journal four times, once in each of the four successive weeks immediately preceding the date of the Tax Sale.
The Davis County Tax Sale is usually held around the week of May 15th. Please call 801-451-3329, 801-451-3332 for exact date and time. The Tax Sale will be held at the Administrative Building at 61 South Main Street, Farmington, Utah, 84025 in room 131.