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Tax Rates

Tax Rates

These are the final tax rates assessed by each taxing entity servicing the tax district listed. The total factor includes the county-wide entity's’ tax rates (i.e., the Davis School District, County Library, County Jail, and State and County Assessing and Collecting, etc.) and is shown above the grid.

Truth in Taxation Notice

View the document to see the following taxing entities are proposing to increase property tax revenue within Davis County. Data is based on the taxing entity's average value. The same value is used for both residential and commercial property. Concerned citizens are invited to attend the public hearings listed.

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Please upload your form below.  Enter your name, email, and the type of form.  For instance the type of form could be "Active Duty Application".  If you need to submit a veteran exemption please use the veteran exemption application.  If you need to submit a valuation appeal please use the board of equalization appeal application.


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The Davis County Commission created the Tax Administration Department in 2009, and authorized this department to administer:  Abatement's and ExemptionDelinquent Property Tax SaleExempt Application for non-profit 501(c)(3) entities in Davis County and the Real and Personal Property Tax Appeals. This includes the acceptance of all forms associated with those services.

Abatement's: includes Low Income both (under 66 Indigent & Disabled - and over 66 Circuit Breaker), Blind, Veterans Armed Forces Tax Exemption with a Disability and Active Duty Armed Forces Exemption Abatement's.  Due date for all Abatement's is September 1, of current year.

The Delinquent Property Tax Sale: is generally held in May of each year and administers the sale of properties that are in their 5th year of delinquency.

Exempt Applications: for Properties in Davis County that are owned by a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) used for Religious, Charitable, or Educational purposes.

Appeals: Property owners dissatisfied with their property valuation, may appeal the value during the time frame provided by law; Valuation Notices are mailed by July 22.  Real Property Appeals are due on September 15, of current year.  Personal Property Appeals are due on May 15, of current year.